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Tips of the Month

Here is another tip from Irv:

Since we spend so much time eating you might find it helpful

Looking for a place for a meal?

As we travel we are always looking for a lunch or dinner spot. A great source for ideas is restaurant.com.

Most of the restaurants include their menu so you have an idea of what you want and it’s cost. Here at home and even during our trip to Alaska we bought and used gift certificates.

Before we left home I had purchased certificates for stops in Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, and Montana. One of the certificates in Idaho was at a Passport America Campground so we walked to the gourmet restaurant.

Why not? A $10.00 or $25.00 certificate for from $2.00 to $5.00!

When you return home if there are any you did not use, just contact the web site and you get a credit for replacement certificates. Furthermore, they never expire so you can save them for next time you are in the neighborhood.

We have had fantastic food at a cheap price. $25.00 off of a $35.00 bill is a bargain.

PS: Cracker Barrel is not on the web site.

Now heeeeere’s a “Tip” from Irv:

When preparing for our trip to Alaska we knew that there would be areas with no cell phone coverage. Went to our carrier and asked if they had a phone or device that would boost the power so we would be able to communicate in low signal areas. After getting the expected “no”, I turned to the Internet for help.

Found Wilson Electronics and their web site bragged “Built into each of Wilson’s all in one Cradle Booster is a signal booster (20 times stronger), internal antenna, cell phone holder, and battery charger. It is ideal for hands free operation, and can be used with your Bluetooth device, handset or phone’s speaker. The new and improved Sleek is Wilson’s most affordable and compact cell signal booster.”

Purchased the complete Sleek kit for the car and a RV/Trucker mount antenna and Sleek Booster Cradle for the RV. Installed both. Now how I was going to test them. Set our cell phone in the cradles and called from our landline. They appeared to be working. With faith we left for Alaska.

As we traveled we received and made calls using our hands free blue tooth equipment and the boosters. Still unsure if the boosters were making a difference.

Then one night while sitting around the campfire, we were asked, “What is that strange antenna on the roof of your RV?” “That’s the cell phone booster”, I said. “Does it work?” “I think so” was my guarded response.

Two days later the Wagon Master needed to contact help because of an emergency and his cell phone had no signal. No one’s cell phone had a signal. He came into our RV to try the booster. He turned on his cell phone speaker, punched in the number, set the phone in the cradle and pushed the dial button. The phone showed a signal and the call was being made.

Call made. Emergency addressed. During the rest of the caravan there were additional times that the Wagon Master and Tail Gunner used our booster.

Does it work? Yes!

From Leo, picked up from the Montana Owners web site:

Using a Multi-meter to check the CGs electrical pedestal

For those who use Flying-J:

Shared by Jim S.

Since Pilot bought out Flying-J, Pilot has issued a new privilege card just for RVers that can be used at both
places. It provides breaks similar to those you experienced with the Flying-J card. They are available at the
cashier’s counter in either place. All the benefits can be checked out at www.FrequentFuelerAdvantage.com

Roadside emergency kit: What to carry with you

A few basic items can help you get back on the road quicker

From Jim S. - Link to Consumer Reports.org

I hate to clean the shower -

And no one wants to use a dirty shower!  What’s a person to do?

Shared by Don & Bette -

When we first got our motorhome, we tried using a squeegee followed by a towel on the shower walls and glass to keep them from getting a build-up from all the hard water and soap scum films. Then one day we noticed the spray bottles of daily shower cleaners. Everyone one we picked up had a warning about using them on brass and several other surfaces – what a disappointment! Then we ran across Arm & Hammer’s Clean Shower.  It’s safe to use on brass. Starting with a clean shower, a little misting of the walls after every shower is all it takes to keep the shower stall looking like NEW – after spritzing the inside of the shower, just let it air dry. DO NOT wipe it down! Even the floor drain stays clean! We highly recommend it and won’t leave home without it. You should be able to find it on the shelf in most grocery stores and Wal-Mart stores. The product was originally called Arm & Hammer Clean Shower but Church & Dwight bought the product from them and latest bottles are labelled Scrub Free Clean Shower Daily Shower Cleaner - the stuff the bottle is still the same.

(If you start with a shower that needs cleaning, it will take longer to see the results but it will get cleaner with each use.)

Daily Soap Scum and
Mildew Stain Preventer

Click here to download a pdf of this article.

What's this Suff?


The standard of purity. Just spray & walk away! Prevents soap scum & mildew stains. Daily use prevent soap scum & mildew stain buildup. No more scrubbing. No harsh chemical fumes. Fresh clean scent. Works great on all shower surfaces (Safe to use on most shower surfaces, does not contain bleach. Do not use on damaged surfaces, refinished tubs, natural stone or natural marble. For other surfaces, test in an inconspicuous area.). Does not leave a dull residue when used as directed.
Made in USA.


For best results, start using Clean Shower after your shower has been thoroughly cleaned and you'll never hate to scrub away soap scum and mildew stains again. Clean Shower actually prevents their buildup. Just spray Clean Shower on tiles, tubs, curtains, shower doors and all wet surfaces after every shower. It will prevent soap scum and mildew stain buildup. No need to scrub, wipe or rinse.


Upgrade for your Crank-Up TV Antenna -

Shared by Don - Click on the link to see the PDF document.

Protect Your Cords -

Shared by Don - Click on the link to see the PDF document

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