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2010 Activities

December 2010 - The Lantern Restaurant
Hosted by the Luzynskis - Luncheon meeting and socializing with a Christmas theme.

November 2010 - Fraileys Bar and Grill
Hosted by Jack and Janette
Luncheon meeting - great food and comradery was enjoyed by everyone.

October 2010 - Missouri Park Campground
Hosted by John and Teree
ACTIVITIES: Friday: The early arrivees took a trip to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for lunch and a tour. Weenie roast & potluck for dinner. We broke-in a wonderful new campfire ring for the park following dinner - it was great!
Saturday: Visit to Laura Ingals Wilder House. Club 60 Restaurant for dinner and back to camp for a campfire and desserts by Teree.
Sunday: Potluck breakfast and meeting in campground rec. room. Busy, educational and enjoyable weekend with the best weather ever!

September 2010 - Missouri State Samboree at Columbia's Boone County Fairgrounds - The Three Rivers Capter was one of two chapters recognized for 35 years of activity with the presentation of a certificate.

August 2010 - Lazy Day Campground

The August Campout of the Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was held at the Lazy Day RV Park, Montgomery City MO., hosted by Leon and Jane, assisted on-site by Teree and John.

After arriving Friday afternoon and getting set up, the assembled group went to dinner at a new discovery in the area, Double J’s BBQ. The good food was enjoyed by all and following a little recovery time, pass- the-trash was the evening’s entertainment. An overnight thunder storm did little to cool things off so Saturday was spent trying to cope with the heat. The swimming pool was popular as was the air-conditioned meeting room. Napping in the rig was not out of the question either. The Gateway Good Sam Chapter was also meeting this weekend and some old friendships were renewed. Saturday’s dinner was held at Maggie’s Friends Café followed again by pass-the-trash. Sunday morning was our traditional pot-luck breakfast followed by the business meeting.

The business meeting was called to order at 9:45 am, Sunday August 15 th, 2010 by Vice President Ehrhard. Members in attendance were: Basse, Brinkman, Charpiot, Chumbler, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Stanton and Tschannen.

The minutes of the July meeting were approved as read and the Treasurer reported a balance of $623.04.

Jim circulated a thank-you letter from Feed My People for our donation to their food pantry.

Teree gave the Wagon Master’s Report. (Note the change to the Asst. Wagon Master Schedule.)

Those present unanimously approved a motion to use up to $200.00 from the treasury towards the next Christmas Adopt A Family Program. Jim reminded all to keep saving those cans for Dogs for the Deaf.

Don's suggestion that we post pictures of our members with their rigs on the Chapter website seemed to meet with approval and Phyllis volunteered Jim to collect pictures of those present.

The Ehrhards reported that Bob is recovering nicely from his hip replacement surgery.

With thanks to Leon, Jane, Teree and John for a great weekend the meeting was adjourned at 10:16 am.

July 2010 - Ladybug Campground, Cuba

The July Campout of the Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam
Club was held at the Lady Bug RV Park, Cuba MO., hosted by
Gene and Betty.

A few members came in on Thursday with the remainder arriving on Friday. We tried to stay cool under the shade trees during the mornings but the heat was to much for us so we headed for the hall, which now has two window air conditioners and gave us much needed relief. Friday night we went into St. James and ate at Country Bob's Cafe. It was very good and even had a buffet bar for those who wished not to choose from the menu. Back to the park for a game of pass the trash and snacks.
Saturday we all had a great visit from Jane & Leon and Mag & Jim. Everyone enjoyed just talking or playing board games in the cool hall. For dinner Saturday night we went into Cuba and ate at Missouri Hicks for more great food. The Johnson's and Miles joined us for dinner. After the dinner we
returned for snacks and pass the trash.
For Sunday morning because of the heat we all decided to not try and cook and heat up our units. So being the hungry group we are, we went back to Country Bob's Cafe for their morning buffet breakfast. On returning back to Lady Bug Campground we had our meeting in the hall.
Everyone thanked Betty and Gene for a fun weekend of enjoyable games and good food.

The business meeting was called to order at 10:45 am, Sunday July 19 th 2010. Members in attendance were: Charpiot, Chumbler, Davis, Ford, Luzynski, Picolet and Weeks.
Guests were Larry and Carolyn.
The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved.
No Treasurer’s Report was available.
In a letter from Big Creek RV Park thanking us for staying with them in April 2010 was included a reservation form for Taum Sauk Plant Open House and Tour, Saturday, August 7, 2010. Don will send everyone the form via e-mail.
A letter from Jean Gardner reminded us that our Chapter will be receiving a certificate of recognition for our 35th Anniversary at the Samboree in September. She asked that we please encourage our membership to be there for this honor. It will be presented at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. At this time it appears that only two couples are planning to attend.
Larry and Carolyn were voted in as members of the Chapter.
Teree Davis gave the Wagon Master’s Report, details are below.
Don reported about A Missouri Route 66 Assn meeting that will be at Bob’s Gasoline Alley, Cuba, MO on Saturday, November 13. A tour and meal will be included in the cost. He will have more information on the Chapter web site.
Gene and Betty were thanked for a very enjoyable weekend of fun games and especially the good restaurants they chose. Everyone enjoyed visiting with Jane and Leon and Meg and Jim who also joined us for dinner.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:07 am.

June 2010 - Lazy Day Campground
Good Sam Eastern Missouri Mini-Samboree

The June gathering of the Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was held at Lazy Day Campground, Montgomery City, MO, June 24 th thru 27 th 2010 in conjunction with the St. Louis Area Mini-Samboree. Other Chapters attending were: The Arvies, Big River, Gateway and First Capitol. The Missouri State Staff led by Jean Gardner also participated. The weekend was filled with good food, entertainment and activities. Our Chapter did well in the contests. We placed second in the “Minute to Win It” game with our team of Jim & Renate and Don & Bette. Jack, Dale and Loraine led their team to the win in Bean Bag Baseball with Loraine getting the walk-off homerun in extra innings. And, Jerry and Jim S. paired to take the championship in the ladder golf competition. In between all of the activities the Chapter ladies found time, thanks to Jan S., to make some jewelry and still go shopping (surprise!!) while the guys explored Graham Cave State Park and Montgomery City. A variety of attendance prizes were won but our big winners were Dale and Loraine who each won a new camp chair (with folding side table). Jim and Renate won a free registration to the State Samboree in September and Bob and Jan won the final 50/50 that covered their registration at this Mini-Samboree. Everyone thought that the weekend was a resounding success and expressed a desire to participate again next year.

The business meeting was called to order at 12:35 pm, Saturday, June 26 th 2010. Members in attendance were: Ehrhard, Ford, Luzynski, Picolet, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks. The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved. Renate reported that our bank balance is $613.74. Jim E. reported on the recent donation made to Feed My People (see report below). After some discussion, the members present approved the use of up to $200.00 from the Treasury, to buy additional Christmas items for our adopted families of Feed My People. Bob S. presented the Wagon Master’s report.

In closing Bob asked that those who attended this campout address any comments to him, the meeting was adjourned at 1:14 pm.

Feed My People Report:

To Good Sam 3 Rivers Chapter

As our club decided, we would spend what was left in our "charity treasury" on items for Feed My People for their summer collection when their pantries usually run low. So with Fred & Janet's help we spent $112.60 on food and nonfood items and delivered it to Feed My People on June 14th.

Our delivery included the following items:

5 bottles dish soap
5 EZ scrubs
Bath tissue 10 - 4 packs
Shampoo 10 bottles
Shaving cream 5 cans
Bandages 5 pkg.
Bar soap 5 - 3 packs
Maxi pads 5 pkg.
Detergent 5 boxes
Disinfectant cleaner 5
Razors 5 - 10 packs
Liquid cleaner 5 bottles
Deodorant 10
Toothpaste 10 tubes
Cereal 10 boxes assorted
Baby wipes 5 boxes

Hopefully these items will help to put a smile on some of those who are not as fortunate as we are. Thanks to all of you at 3 Rivers.

Renate & Jim

May 2010 - Sundermeier RV Park

Hosted by Don and Bette, the May 2010 campout and business meeting of the Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was held at The Sundermeier RV Park in St. Charles MO, May 14 th thru 16 th 2010. In spite of the rain and the prohibition on open
fires those in attendance enjoyed the weekend and the camaraderie. The early arrivals dined Thursday afternoon at the Golden Corral and then some paid a visit to the Ameristar Casino. A couple of folks managed to leave there with modest winnings. Friday, the ladies shopped Main Street in “Old Town St Charles” to their hearts content (or ‘till thoroughly soaked) while the guys, avoiding the shopping, and the rain, visited “Fast Lane Classic Cars” and then took the trolley to explore the Bass Pro store. Dinner in at the Beef Eaters Restaurant adjacent to the RV Park capped off the day. The rains put a damper on Saturday’s activities but the group did get out for lunch at the Trailhead. Then some of the gals finished their “tour” of Main Street while others visited the Lewis and Clark Boat House & Nature Center. A chili dinner in the event room was followed by the usual evening of games and fellowship.

After the pot luck breakfast Sunday, the business meeting was called to order at 9:30am, May 16 th 2010. Members in attendance were: Charpiot, Chumbler, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Luzynski, Picolet, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks. Larry and Carolyn Brinkman visited with us for the second time.
The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved.
Renate reported that our bank balance is $600.44.
Bob read a letter from the State Office asking for nominations for State Director. The New MO State Patch Packer was announced as: Don & Linda Richardson, 417-886-5021 & 417-839-8791.

Teree reviewed the up-coming schedule through August. The adjustment of the August campout to the 2nd weekend was brought to a vote and approved.

Jim E. distributed “Dogs for the Deaf” patches.

Bob Stiern asked that we continue to bring items for the packages to our troops.
After thanking Don and Bette for a great job, hosting this weekend under difficult circumstances, the meeting was adjourned at 10:45 am.

April 2010 - Big Creek RV Park Hosted by Bob & Jan. Members represented included; Basse, Charpiot, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Luzynski, Picolet, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks. We were pleased to welcome our guests, the Brinkmans.

Secretary Irv read the minutes from the March 21 st , 2010 meeting. They were approved as read.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Renate with a balance of $ 589.44. It was approved as read.

Committee Reports included: Wagon Master, Teree reviewed the forthcoming event schedule; May 14 th through 16 th , Sundermeier R V Park, St. Charles, Missouri, June 24 th through 27 th , St. Louis Good Sam Mini Rally, Lazy Day Campground, Danville, Missouri and July 16 th through 18 th , Ladybug Campground, Cuba, Missouri. Further details will be in the newsletter.

President Stiern is mailing the Mini Samboree registration forms Monday.

Jim reported the assembled Dogs For The Deaf donations, cash and aluminum can proceeds, totaling $185.50 has been mailed.

Bob reported that the Chapter has shipped a total of 48 boxes to our troops overseas.

There was a discussion regarding the purchase of new Three River shirt patches.

Following a discussion regarding donations left from our Christmas Adopt A Family collection. A motion was made and passed unanimously to donate the $114.00 to the Feed My People Food Pantry.

Bob announced that the Campground and Helicopter pilot has provided copies of the pictures that were taken Saturday. A motion was made and passed unanimously to send a Thank You letter to the Campground, Helicopter pilot and a letter welcoming the visit of the Brinkmans.

Thank you Bob and Jan for an exciting weekend. A motion to adjourn was made at 10:45 P.M. by Janet, seconded by Jeannette and passed unanimously.

March 2010 - Jilly’s Café & Steakhouse, HighRidge Mo. Hosted by Jim & Renate. Memberships represented included: Anacker, Basse, Charpiot, Davis, Ehrhard, Jehling, Johnson, Picolet, Sandelbeck, Stiern and Tschannen.
President Stiern has a supply of Mini Samboree registration forms. If we prepare our form and return it with a check to him, he will submit them as a group so we will be assigned adjoining camping sites.
Jim Ehrhard circulated copies of the Dogs For The Deaf Newsletter. All assembled donations will be sent to Dogs For The Deaf this month.
Bob reported that the assembled 10 boxes for our military will be shipped this month.
The meeting was interrupted for lunch at 1:50 P.M. Dale presented the meal blessing.
Thank you Jim and Renate for an enjoyable afternoon, meal and goodies.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 pm.

February 2010: Crusoe’s Restaurant, Oakville MO. Hosted by Irv & Dorothy.
Members in attendance were: Anacker, Basse, Charpiot, Davis, Ehrhard, Jehling, Johnson, Luzynski, Picolet, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks - D. Sandelbeck joined us as a visitor.
The Minutes of the January meeting were read by Irv and approved. Renate reported that our bank balance is $566.44.
Jim E. reported that he redeemed the aluminum cans and received $102.50 for Dogs for the Deaf. Renate added that additional contributions for Dogs for the Deaf were welcome. She later asked that those wishing to add to the donation bring their contributions to the March meeting. Checks should be made out to "Dogs for the Deaf".
Jim E. also circulated "Thank you" notes from Feed My People and our adopted family.
Leon added that our contribution was the largest to come in while he was at the drop-off site.
Bob reported that we have 10 more packages ready to go to the troops. The Show Me Car Club covered the shipping of five packages and Bob expects that Mr. Taylor will cover the final five.
Teree provided the Wagon Master’s Report shown as "Future Meetings" below.
While discussing the June campout, which will be the Area 6 Mini Samboree, the attendees were canvassed and nine rigs indicated an interest in attending.
The meeting was interrupted from 2:40 to 3:40 for dinner, which was excellent.
Following the break, Bob reported on the February 17 "Executive" meeting which was intended to assist him settle into the Presidency. He also reminded members that the 150 mile travel limit and the designation of the third weekend as campout weekend should both be considered flexible. Assistant Wagon Masters should not be shy about requesting changes if they will provide the Club with better opportunities.
Irv distributed the "Three Rivers Good Sam Chapter Campground Directory", a compilation of over 250 Campgrounds and RV parks which satisfy a straight line interpretation of the 150 mile range. It is an outstanding effort, thank you Irv.
In closing, Leon thanked the members for their well wishes and support during his recent illness.
Irv thanked everyone for their expressions of sympathy and support following the death of his mother.
And, thank you Irv and Dorothy for a most enjoyable afternoon, meal and favors.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:55 pm.

January 2010: The Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was brought to order by President Stiern at the Old Spaghetti Factory, Chesterfield MO.
Members in attendance were: Basse, Charpiot, Davis Ehrhard, Jehling, Johnson, Luzynski, Picolet, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks. Visiting was Dorothy Sandelbeck.
The Minutes were read by Irv and approved. Renate reported that our bank balance is $595.44.
Jim (#2) and Janet reported that the campground selected for the April campout is rather new but very nice and that there is a lot to see in the area (see more information below).
Jim also reported that he is still holding onto aluminum cans in hope of a increase in their value; and that we have yet to receive any acknowledgement of our contribution to the Adopt a Family Program.
It was announced that the Pin Oaks Campground no longer provides a facility suitable for our meeting and other evening activities.
Bob S reported that we have sent a total of 28 packages to the troops and we still have items enough for a few more. He also passed around three “Thank You” notes from recipients of our packages.
Bob also asked that those planning future campouts and are having trouble securing campgrounds for the third weekend, consider, with the approval of the Chapter, alternate weekends that may be less crowded.
Jim (#3) asked that members who wish to share some of their camping experiences submit a short write-up and a couple of pictures to be included in this newsletter. Bob S reinforced this request and suggests that members select those “unusual” places and sights they have encountered in their travels. RVing and camping tip you have found useful would also be welcome. Newsletter items should be sent to Jim at the following e-mail address: stantonjw@centurytel.net. Items mailed via USPS are also welcome.
Our hosts, the Stantons, were thanked for their efforts scheduling our meeting location.
Members are encouraged to visit the Chapter web site at: www.3riversgoodsam.50webs.com.

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