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2009 Activities

December 2009: The Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was brought to order at 2:15 PM at the Pizza, Pasta and More Restaurant in Union, MO. Members attending were , Basse, Charpiot, Chumbler ( Imperial ) , Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Johnson, Luzynski, Miles, Picolet, Stiern, Stanton, Tschannen and Weeks. Honorary Members attending were Anacker and Jehling - Dorothy Sandelbeck was our guest.

We want to thank Jim & Mag for a wonderful afternoon and the peanuts that I munched on all the way home.

Every one signed a thank you card to send to Bob and Rita Kruessel (the outgoing Missouri Region 6 Assistant Director) for all the help with our chapter. We voted on a slate of officers with the following results. President: Bob S.; Vice President: Jim E.; Treasurer: Renate E.; Secretary: Irvin C.; Wagon Master: Teree D.; Newsletter Editor: Jim S. and volunteering for the website is Don F.

Our chapter should be very proud of the heartfelt gifts to a family in need, we adapted a family of five, father mother and three children and we hope they have a Merry Christmas.

Bob S. reported that we have sent 17 boxes to the soldiers overseas so far, and we received a letter from Amanda a lady in the service, she said the box came at a very good time because it was raining and muddy and just a bad day and the box cheered her up a lot.

Jim and Leon will take the cans we have collected and cash them in after the first of the year to donate to Dogs For The Deaf.

Outgoing President Leon J. stated he wanted to thank all of his officers for their help the last four years and the rest of the chapter for putting up with him. "We had a lot of fun and that is what it's all about. I know that the new officers will have new ideas to move the chapter forward."

November 2009 The Three Rivers Chapter of the Good Sam Club was brought to order at 2:15 PM at the Arlington Bed & Breakfast in DeSoto, Mo. Hosted by Fred & Janet B.

Members attending were : Basse, Charpiot, Davis, Ehrhard, Johnson, Luzynski, Picolet, Stiern, Stanton, Tschannen and Weeks. Honorary Members attending were Anacker and Jehling. Visitors attending were Dorothy Sandelbeck, Pat Silva and Abby Tschannen.

A vote was taken on the state treasurer position and Cindy Neven had the most votes. The vote will be sent to State. The vote on new officers was going to be taken at this meeting but the committee was not ready, so the vote will be taken at our Dec. Meeting.

Bob S. reported that 5 boxes were sent to the soldiers last month, we have 12 more ready to send and a vote was taken to take the money from our treasury.

Feed My People: Renate reported that we have a family of five to help this Christmas, and she is looking into a single elderly person to help. We will be packing food and wrapping gifts for the family on Wed. December 9th at 4:00 PM at Ehrhards house, please let Renate know if you want to help.

We want to thank Fred & Janet for a very nice dinner and meeting, it was good getting together and seeing all of our old friends.

October 2009: Our thanks to our hosts Dale & Loraine for a nice weekend despite the weather. Members attending were Basse, Charpiot, Davis, Ehrhard, Johnson, Picolet, Stanton and Tschannen. Friday evening featured a Pizza Party and pass the trash. Saturday's activities included a trip to the Apple Festival and Craft Fair in Clarksville and then on to Louisiana and the K.C. Restaurant for good food and good meat loaf. After returning to the campground, we played another lively game of pass the trash. Potluck breakfast and the business meeting on Sunday morning concluded the weekend.

Cozy C RV Campground
16733 US 54
Bowling Green, MO.
(573) 324-3055

September 24th-27th 2009
Missouri State Good Sam Samboree
Theme: "Pirates of the Big Muddy"
Boone County Fairgrounds
U.S. HWY 63 North
Columbia, MO.

Contacts: Bob Ingham rfingh@centurytel.net
Jean Gardner mogoodsamdirector@gmail.com

Our chapter met at Lazy Days Campground on the 23rd and caravanned together to the Samboree on the 24th.

August 2009: Our hosts were Jerry and Joan for the weekend at the Double J Campground in Chatham, IL. Members attending were Charpiot, Davis, Luzynski, Stanton, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks.
  Friday evening the group had dinner at a nice Italian Restaurant and came back to the campground for watermelon and lemonade. Socializing and sitting around a campfire afterwards finished off the day.
  Saturday some went to the Illinois State Fair, others went to the museums. All met at Fat Willys (home of the famous Horseshoe) for dinner. Afterwards, we say around a find flickering candle.
  Thanks to the Weeks for a wonderful weekend!

July 2009:
Our hosts were Leo and Sandy. Members attending were Basse, Charpiot, Chumbler, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Johnson, Luzynski, Miles, Stiern and Weeks.
Friday and Saturday were free days, some went to Maramac Springs Park, some went to Onondaga Cave, several visited the worlds largest rocking chair and some stayed at the campground, but all had a good time.
Friday night after we were worn out from running, we all met at Diana’s Café in St. James for supper. After dining we went back to camp to have cake and ice cream for Mag and Jim’s birthday where we found out more had birthdays in July so we celebrated all of them. It was too late for our usual game of 'Pass the Trash' so we just sat around socialized the rest of the evening.
Saturday we all met at the Meramac Music Theater in Steelville for their matinée show (and it was good). Then to Missouri Hicks BBQ on old Route 66 in Cuba for supper. Back at the campground afterwards, Bob made a nice fire and we all sat around talking and enjoying the beautiful weather.
We thank Leo & Sandy for a wonderful and cool weekend. We had a very good time.
Sunday morning we had a pot luck breakfast followed by our monthly business meeting in the campground hall. Bob is working on boxes for soldiers. We've sent 11 so far and now has more contacts and a meeting will be scheduled soon to send more. Jim reported on our efforts concerning Dogs for the Deaf - we're saving our aluminum till the price comes back up. We delivered a food donation to the Feed My People pantry on July 10th. The funds came from funds left from Christmas. Sandy talked about the Mini-Samoree in June 2010 at Lazy Days and a vote indicated enough in favor to add it to our schedule for next year. Gene and Irv are still looking for a few volunteers for the vacancies occurring next year.

Lady Bug RV Park and Campground
(I-44, Exit 203 - north 1/4 mile)
355 Hiway F
Cuba, MO
(573) 885-3622

June 2009:
Hosted by Jack and Janette. Friday, we went shopping at the Amish community nearby. Friday night we enjoyed a pizza party followed by a game of "pass the trash". Saturday morning we drove to Louisiana, MO for the Farmer's Market, enjoyed an ice treat on the levee and attended the Hospital's Birthday Party for lunch (and free hot dogs). We ate out Saturday evening at the Village of the Blue Rose Restaurant overlooking the Mississippi and went to a music show in Bowling Green afterwards. Potluck breakfast Sunday morning followed by the business meeting.

Cozy C RV Campground
16733 US 54
Bowling Green, MO.
(573) 324-3055

May 2009:
World Shooting and Recreational Complex, Sparta ILL
Hosted by John & Teree. Members attending were Charpiot, Chumbler, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Johnson, Luzynski, Miles, Picolet, Tschannen and Weeks.

Jane & Jannette reported for Bob on the boxes for the soldiers - the committee met on April 29th and packed seven boxes to send. One was sent then and six more were sent on May 9th. Bob has 4 names so far and looking for more.

Renate reported that our Feed My People project had $163 left for our summer contribution. She is buying items to deliver to the Feed My People Pantry.

Jim says save your aluminum cans - the price is down so we are stockpiling them in hope of getting a higher price.

Don reported on our new webpage. If you have something for the web, call, mail or preferably - email your material to him. The response to requests for content hasn't been very good so far.

Jane and Leon thanked everyone for their thoughts, prayers and contributions. It is very comforting for them to know they have friends that care.

April 2009:
Hinton RV Park, Sikeston, MO.
The camp out was hosted by Leon & Jane. Members attending were Basse, Chumbler, Davis, Ehrhard, Ford, Johnson, Luzynski, Miles, Stiern, Tschannen and Weeks.  Bella was a visitor - John and Teree’s granddaughter.

Friday, we went to Charleston, MO to see the Azalea Festival. It was a very nice afternoon, lots of flowers and a craft fair. Friday night Leon & Jane put on a Sloppy Joe supper with salad, Renate brought cookies and Basse and Tschannen brought ice cream. 

Saturday we all went to New Madrid, MO to see the earthquake museum and had lunch at Rosie's Bar & Grill.  It was a rainy day so we all got wet and went back to the campers to dry off. We went to Lambert's Cafe for supper and then played pass the trash.



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